Tricks and Treats for Silhouette Smoothing

Want an instant tummy tuck or to look 10 pounds slimmer? Ok fall in....We have the secret in some of our favorite silhouette smoothing clothes. Honestly, these 3 products are game changers to your wardrobe. These are the pieces that will make all your other clothing look better; you will feel more confident, and comfortable. I can sell these 3 wardrobe MUST HAVES for EVERY woman regardless of your age, shape, or style all day, every day. Not that I am that great of a sales person-- it's because … [Read more...]

Fall MUST HAVE’s for Fashion

  Ponchos:  The right size, the right fit and they're the classy way to keep warm before we bundle up in our parkas!                     Turquoise: The color of jewelry that pops off our favorite autumn hues of burgandy, orange and mustard!                 Short Boots: Cuff the denim and throw on the boots, look instantly in style … [Read more...]

Transition your home into fall with decor!

As much as I love summer sun something about all that comes with fall is welcomed in my home. The warmth of the glow of mustard, brick red, and brown add a cozy feel to your home. So it is nearing the time to put away the crisp whites and baby blues of summer and bring in a touch of fall. Fall always says abundance to me but the style trend is simple and clean, away with clutter. Here are some great ways to bring in the new season that are in sync with the current home decor trends! Change up … [Read more...]

Wearable Back to School Looks for 2016

Trending looks for 2016  Back to School trendsetters  are here! Take a look at the latest styles and how to incorporate and wear these fashions. You only need to add some current patterns and colors to your exsisting wardrobe to make a total revamp and update your closet. Here is what you should have. Follow our fashions or shop now at Laney Lu's Boutique Plaid, tartan, or gingham is a must. You will see shirt dresses with pockets, ponchos, and tied around the waist is … [Read more...]

Music Festival Fashion Must Do List!

Who doesn't  love a full weekend of  epic live music, laughing with friends, warm sunny days, and cold beer? Music festival's are memories made that last a life time and a annual hook up for old friends to get together. We all have that story "rememer when...." from a silly weekend of fun. As girl's we plan our favorite styles for weeks prior. We are watching the weather report  to determine is we wear jeans or shortie shorts. We save that one new killer tank for the Friday night headliner that … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Joy

We are definitely putting this on our list of movies that we recommend. Oh, we haven't recommended any movies yet? Well, then this is where the list starts. I'm talking about the movie Joy. Joy is rated PG-13 and came out in theaters Christmas Day 2015. It is currently available to rent or purchase. I found a copy at our local Redbox.  The movie stars Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence (let's face it right now, we all want to be her) Robert DeNiro (the man against whom all other actors are … [Read more...]

It’s Wedding Season, Ya’ll

It's that time of year again, when half of your summer calendar consists of weddings, bridal & baby showers, and bachelor & bachelorette parties. While it's great to have time to relax, let's focus on how wonderful it is to be included in some of those special events in a loved one's life! A&W Furniture and Laney Lu's Boutique both offer some great (reasonably priced--because we also know how expensive this glorious season can get...) gift ideas for those about to tie the knot. … [Read more...]

Sippin’ on Sunshine!

SUMMER...SUNSHINE...SIPS OF SWEETNESS... Deeeeeep sigh....FINALLY it's summertime here in good ol' Minnesota.  I have never made it a secret I was planted in the wrong state.  I'm a warm weather gal.  But!  I will give the northern state props for the best summer weather in the country! Summertime to me means scents of tropical sunscreen, cut offs and flip flops, crackling campfires with friends and brighter moods to match the sunshine!  Traditions include weekends at the lake where … [Read more...]

Essential Oils for Babies? We think we’re in love!!!

Recently at our winter market I came across a new line of perfectly blended baby Essential Oils that are safe enough to use on little one's 6 months old or older.  I don't know about you...but I hate giving my kids medicine if I don't have to.  I personally use Essential Oils for adults but was hesitant to use too much on my kids. So I was thrilled to find this lovely new line of baby care products! The company who manufacturers these blends was actually started by two moms and their line of … [Read more...]


Everyone always has the best intentions when it comes to resolutions...we start off ambitious, energized and ready to kick off the new year with a bang.  I've had the same resolution approximately 3 years running...I have resolved (year after year) to tame my "potty" mouth.  What's that famous quote?  "She acts like a princess, but swears like a sailor?"  Yeah...I have a problem.  So....I suppose, I will resolve to stop swearing...(as much)...again this year. Here are a few hints to get you … [Read more...]

WINNER’S Circle!

Check out all the winners of our facebook giveaways here!   Winners are only announced on this blog.   THE SCOOP!  Winners have 15 days to message us via email or private message us through Laney Lu's facebook page to claim prize.  We are happy to ship prizes free of charge to winners living in the continental United States.  Inventory will go back into stock for anything unclaimed after 15 days. Check back for details on winners on dates listed!  Good luck and thanks for … [Read more...]

Staying Warm + Looking Fab = POSSIBLE!

I often wonder if the big-name fashion designers have ever set foot in Minnesota at all, nevertheless Minnesota when the windchill is -30 degrees farenheit. I kinda doubt it. It doesn't seem like cold weather and fashion have a very good relationship, but we'd like to show you some ways to stay warm and stylish at the same time. It is possible, and there are many options for how to accomplish this task. I can't guarantee that these items are going to hold up in -30 degree weather, but by then … [Read more...]

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