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In typical A&W Furniture fashion, we are updating in the store! Our children’s furniture section has been in need of some serious love. So we had some counseling sessions, learned each other’s love language, and decided on a theme. After much soul (and Pinterest) searching, we decided on the adorable and always on-trend, “Camping” theme. If you’ve already gotten on-board with the camping decor theme, then you’re aware of all the great ideas that, in our humble opinions, are cute without being too gimmick-y. So the first phase of our transition was, as it usually is, painting. Our amazing technicolor children’s section is finally rid of the sad neon green, orange, and yellow…


(Sorry, a before pic was kind of an after-thought. It’s a hot mess, let’s just agree on that and move on.)

We decided that since the top portion of the wall was already that nice, neutral “Blonde,” as I like to call it, we’d just continue that to to the bottom of the wall. Less painting=Less Work=Winning. Emily found a fun little illustration that included the moon and the night sky, as well as a lot of great decor incorporating birch trees. So the back corner of our revamped “campground” became the night sky. Here’s where we share with you how you can also have fabulous little birch trees in no time at all.


We wanted simple, not too perfect, subtle birch trees, so we came up with our own method that’s embarrassingly easy. We had a shorter (3 or 4 inch) roller and the standard (9 inch) roller. So in case you haven’t already figured out our top-secret algorithm;

I got some white paint on my roller and got rid of as much excess paint as I could. Then I started with my roller at the bottom of the wall. (Here’s another free tip: Mask off your trim and ceiling so you don’t get your “birch” color paint on it. You’re welcome.) Then, without losing control of the roller, just make one big roll all the way to the top of your wall. See how you like what you ended up with. I felt like one swipe left my tree looking a little too “paint-roller-y”™ so I went back over what I had just done and did shorter (3-6 inch) sections in a few spots to make it look a little more natural. I didn’t ever really apply more paint for this part. Sometimes the edges of the tree seemed a little undefined, so I’d  just roll along the side of the tree with the edge of the roller to give it a little more definition and dimension. Bob Ross would be so proud.


I definitely recommend looking at some pictures and getting an idea of how you’d like them to look. When you have less paint on your brush, your tree is going to seem farther away. So the more paint you use, the closer the tree will feel (thank you, Captain Obvious.) We didn’t want to go crazy with trees since we do have other fun ideas to incorporate (oh, and furniture to display, I guess.) We whipped up a moon and some stars on the very back wall since we had some empty vertical space to use…


This phase was done using much less “technique” and much more “Sure, that looks good.”

So far we’re loving where this theme is going. If you come in to A&W Furniture to see us, please don’t mind the disarray that our children’s section is currently in. The guys are doing some much-needed repairs to some of the ceiling and walls, so our makeover is on hold over the weekend, but we can’t wait to show you what else we come up with! The weekend is just about here–Camp on, my friends.

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