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Well, I guess the “BIG” thing to do these days is to blog.  So here goes!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Laney Lu’s Boutique story…allow me an introduction!

My family is in the furniture and design business and has had a single retail store in the middle of nowhere Minnesota!  Our store has always been different than most…we’re a large destination store that serves the majority of the great state of Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa!  We were never the typical furniture store with sofas lined up and men with ties waiting to take your order.  I’d like to think we’re “cooler” than that! 🙂  We’ve been privileged to employ some of the most talented women in the area who have a great sense of design style that easily transitions to fashion!  Here comes the boutique part…because we are a destination store and we cater to women who love styling their homes and appreciate the latest trends, it was only natural to devote a section of our 100,000 square foot furniture store solely to women’s fashion and accessories.

Laney and Mommy
Laney Lu and Mommy Emily

My mission was to offer unique statement piece type clothing and fashion accessories in a charming and fun atmosphere within our store.  After antique shopping, digging through barns and convincing my husband that I knew what I was doing (in my head, not on paper) we feel pretty proud of the shabby chic boutique within our store.

Thinking of a name for our new boutique was easy…I’m the proud mommy of a beautiful little girl named Delaney Mary Lu Davis…frequently referred to as “Laney.”  I look at my daughter with a heart full of hope, potential, love and a huge life ahead of her.  I believe in strong, smart women and I believe in my daughter becoming one someday.  I named the boutique in honor of her…”Laney Lu’s Boutique.”  My wish for the boutique was for it to be loved, successful, admired and beautiful…I wish the same for my daughter.

With our official retail store “grand opening” in the spring of 2013 we were off with a bang!  Thanks to loyal friends, inquisitive new customers and women in general who loved fashion we could never have imagined the success and joy that went along with

The Megan& Molly Show
The Megan & Molly Show

this new boutique!  I think I might be crazy to try and do an online store for the boutique in addition to running a furniture empire as we like to call it…but we took the plunge in the spring of 2014!  Here goes nothin!

I couldn’t do it alone!  I have encouraging women who support and stand alongside me every day! The girls who help me run Laney Lu’s Boutique now are Megan and Molly (we call them the Megan and Molly show) and I am thankful for their hard work, vision and patience with me! I get the pleasure of working with them and 20 other women on a daily basis in the boutique and furniture store.

I love my job and I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and help you look aaaaamazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Laney’s mom…Emily

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