What’s For Supper?

If I had a dollar for every time I've asked, or heard someone else ask this question--I'd be able to buy groceries for a year. Or cocktails for a year...whatever. In a very off-the-cuff effort to get my sh** together (even just a little), I've decided to revisit those few weeks a long time ago when I actually planned my meals. It was great! Why on earth did I ever stop? Have you ever heard the term "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance"? -kinda nails it. I suppose I stopped because it … [Read more...]

Just because I still have a “mom pouch” does not mean I’m lazy!

Nothing can prepare you for what will happen to your body after you have a baby. Not to mention baby #3 at 37 years old.  As if you are not feeling bad enough about the mom pouch and chubby thighs everywhere you look on social media is size 1 models, accountability groups, and every celebrity popping Garcinia while wearing a waist trainer. All the pressure is exhausting! Speaking of exhausted between running kid's to hockey and middle of the night feedings where does one find the energy to work … [Read more...]

Transition your home decor from Christmas to Winter!

As much as I LOVE the dramatics of Christmas decor I always seem to be ready to box it up and get my home back to "normal". But now what? In Mn we do not even show signs of spring for months yet. I still want my home to have seasonal decor to add warmth to the cold winter outside. Here are some easy ways to remove Christmas, but keep the beauty of winter. #1 Santa has got to go!  Remove anything that screams Chirstmas. To me that is Santa, nativities, presents, jingle bells...you get what Im … [Read more...]

Focus on our children’s little faces and taste the fudge ladies!

Tis the season of family fun and joy....for most of the family! Sigh, if our kids and husbands only knew how much work and planning really goes into the holiday season decor, gifts, and parties. As much as us mama's enjoy creating a memorable Christmas it is tiring and a lot of work...JUST SAYING! My husband just starting thinking about gift buying this week and I have been pinning, bargain online shopping, and wrapping for a month already. Why, why can't we just let it go like men and roll with … [Read more...]

Letters to Santa

Has anyone told you that Christmas is right around the corner yet? Well, it is. You're welcome. As though there isn't enough pressure on this time of year already, we also have to make sure Santa is prepared as well. Uff-da! (That's a midwest term, for those of you wondering.) Well, whether you've been naughty or nice, we have a little gift just for you! We made this cute little FREE printable with kids in mind, but it could work for any age! Whether they can fill it out on their own or they … [Read more...]

Tricks and Treats for Silhouette Smoothing

Want an instant tummy tuck or to look 10 pounds slimmer? Ok fall in....We have the secret in some of our favorite silhouette smoothing clothes. Honestly, these 3 products are game changers to your wardrobe. These are the pieces that will make all your other clothing look better; you will feel more confident, and comfortable. I can sell these 3 wardrobe MUST HAVES for EVERY woman regardless of your age, shape, or style all day, every day. Not that I am that great of a sales person-- it's because … [Read more...]

Transition your home into fall with decor!

As much as I love summer sun something about all that comes with fall is welcomed in my home. The warmth of the glow of mustard, brick red, and brown add a cozy feel to your home. So it is nearing the time to put away the crisp whites and baby blues of summer and bring in a touch of fall. Fall always says abundance to me but the style trend is simple and clean, away with clutter. Here are some great ways to bring in the new season that are in sync with the current home decor trends! Change up … [Read more...]

Music Festival Fashion Must Do List!

Who doesn't  love a full weekend of  epic live music, laughing with friends, warm sunny days, and cold beer? Music festival's are memories made that last a life time and a annual hook up for old friends to get together. We all have that story "rememer when...." from a silly weekend of fun. As girl's we plan our favorite styles for weeks prior. We are watching the weather report  to determine is we wear jeans or shortie shorts. We save that one new killer tank for the Friday night headliner that … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Joy

We are definitely putting this on our list of movies that we recommend. Oh, we haven't recommended any movies yet? Well, then this is where the list starts. I'm talking about the movie Joy. Joy is rated PG-13 and came out in theaters Christmas Day 2015. It is currently available to rent or purchase. I found a copy at our local Redbox.  The movie stars Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence (let's face it right now, we all want to be her) Robert DeNiro (the man against whom all other actors are … [Read more...]

Staying Warm + Looking Fab = POSSIBLE!

I often wonder if the big-name fashion designers have ever set foot in Minnesota at all, nevertheless Minnesota when the windchill is -30 degrees farenheit. I kinda doubt it. It doesn't seem like cold weather and fashion have a very good relationship, but we'd like to show you some ways to stay warm and stylish at the same time. It is possible, and there are many options for how to accomplish this task. I can't guarantee that these items are going to hold up in -30 degree weather, but by then … [Read more...]

Fall Décor Trend Alert: Industrial Farmgirl

Fall is definitely underway and we are so excited about all the latest trends in décor. If you're looking for ideas for ways to boost the life of your décor, look no further. Let's talk about some simple ways to amp up the look of your home at this fabulous time of the year. 1.) Lanterns are HOT, HOT, HOT--and rightfully so. They can be used all year long and you can decorate the inside AND the outside for all seasons. Universal items like this keep decorating costs down and we adore … [Read more...]

Free Back-To-School Printable!

Hi everyone! Time for another family meeting! We'll keep this one short and sweet since we know how busy you are... Forgive me, I'm about to say the S-word. School. Schooly-school school. Whether you're elated and can't wait to have your peaceful lunchbreaks at home back, or you're dreading it, knowing the magnitude of activites that your world is about to revolve around--it's coming. We were just discussing how BIG of a job teachers have, and it only gets bigger as time goes by. … [Read more...]

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