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I myself have taken for granted all the work that must go into getting those glossy magazine covers so “glossy!”  We recently took the plunge and dove into our first official, professional photo shoot.  Megan (our boutique manager and wildly supportive b.f.f.) and I put together almost 30 outfit styles for the shoot, called up 3 amazingly beautiful local ladies to model and most importantly enlisted the help of a professional photographer, Alika Hartmann who happens to be tremendously talented!

God was on our side the day of our shoot and gave us sunny skies, a slight breeze and good moods!  After 4 hours of outfit changes, style swap outs and location moves we called it a wrap.  We can’t wait to show you these beautiful photos of our complete summer apparel and fashion lineup.  Until then…we’ll keep you in suspense!  Check out a few “behind the scenes” photos from the day.



Behind the Scenes…This is our “dressing room” the day of the shoot…classy, chaotic and perfect! We’re tough Minnesota girls, we don’t need anything fancy, right?!




Behind the Scenes…This gorgeous lady (Kassie) is actually a working mom of 3, with her youngest being only 17 months old! We loved her feisty energy, curvacious sass and we think you’ll get a great glimpse of her rockin’ personality (and body) in her photos.


Behind the Scenes…Kelly is a sweet country girl at heart.  Her stunning dimples are to die for and she means it when she smiles…her look just makes you melt! We just hope some cowboy doesn’t ride away with our “All American Girl” before the next photo shoot or before she finishes nursing school!




Behind the Scenes…Darion.  We wonder if she even realizes how gorgeous she is?!  The best part is, she’s that beautiful on the inside as well!  You can’t help but stare at this beautiful, exotic looking young lady who is in the midst of a college career while simultaneously posing for our photos on the weekend!





Behind the Scenes…we had a few “onlookers” that soon became fans of the Laney Lu’s team!



Look for our complete summer apparel lineup to go live on www.laneylus.com soon!



Thank you to Kelly, Kassie, Darion, Megan and Alika!  You were so fun, energetic and such great sports for this shoot!  Thank you for your support and encouragement in this endeavor!


xoxo Em (Laney Lu’s mom)

Models: Kassie, Kelly and Darion

Creative/Photography: Alika Hartmann (Despres Photo)

Creative Styling: Megan Revier

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