My Top 10 Favorite Beaches

My TOP 10 Favorite Beaches...from the perspective of a beach snob. It's no secret I LOATHE Minnesota winters.  However, I'm here to stay (until I retire) so my compromise with my husband is that we go to a beach EVERY winter or I will become Jack Nicholson from the "Shining."  He prefers I don't go mentally insane, so he obliges.  I've been fortunate enough to travel to quite a few beaches and my definition of a perfect beach is FEW people crowding me, SUGAR soft sand and CRYSTAL blue waters.  … [Read more...]

30(ish) Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Working in a boutique is obviously awesome. I love my job! It's literally my job to keep up with what's going on in the giant world of fashion. I get to shop and help pick out clothes that I hope will make women feel like their most beautiful selves. We LOVE trying to find items that our beautiful customers are going to wear to a wedding, on a long-needed date night with their hubby, or to cheer their kids on at a sporting event--and everywhere in between! We get to see so many amazing women … [Read more...]

Happiest Holidays from Meg & Steph!

Can you believe how fast the year has gone? Thank you so much for tuning into our LAST Holiday seminar of the 2018. Just this week we have moved the entire boutique to it's new home and we could not be more excited! Hopefully if you tuned into our Facebook LIVE Seminar, you picked up a few great tips and tricks for decorating, dressing up and hosting a holiday party worthy of your favorite people! We hope we've left you feeling inspired for the weeks to come. RECIPES: These Cranberry Brie … [Read more...]

I Let My Husband Choose my Outfits

My husband HATES when I ask him, "Do I look good in this?" Or, "What should I wear?"  So...just to annoy him even more I made him choose my outfits for a week.  Bahahahaha!  Ladies, he put about 10 seconds effort into each of these outfit selections but I thought you'd get a kick out of what he chose.  How well did he do?  You be the … [Read more...]

What to Wear in Nashville

So ladies what is the first thing you do when planning your outfits for a get away to a location you have never been? Yes we search "what to wear in (city) ", #fashionsin(city), or pinterest outfit ideas for (city)! I was headed for a friends weekend in the exciting city of Nashville this Summer. Never visiting before I started my search for Nashville looks only to be disappointed that I did not find much. As a manager and buyer of a boutique I am lucky to have lots of clothes at my fingertips … [Read more...]

Sending Haylee Off

I have a beautiful Goddaughter named, Haylee Bella Sovell and this week she will embark on the journey of a lifetime.  Haylee is spending her senior year abroad in a country named Macedonia.  Yes, I admit I didn't know if this was an actual place because it sounds like something made up in a movie.  I now know that it is small country in southeastern Europe near Greece. The Back Story Haylee is the daughter of our boutique manager, Megan.  She came into this world surrounded by an extended … [Read more...]

Zucchini Cake Sent from Heaven

Hey everyone! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Steph and I'm lucky enough to work alongside Emily and Megan at Laney Lu's Boutique. Yes, I get to help pick things out to buy...yes, it's hard to not want EVERYTHING that comes in, especially since I helped pick it out. It's a pretty awesome gig and I get to work with pretty awesome people. #winning Anyway, I'm kind of known around here for being the resident "baker." If there's a homemade baked treat in the break room, people … [Read more...]

So…I’m 40…now what?

This week I turned 40.  I'm fine with it's just another day, right?  I've reflected a bit on the decades of my life recently. In my 20's I was married in my 20's, that's a big one.  My husband and I were NOT into the kid thing.  We traveled EVERYWHERE all across the country, drank pretty Mai Tai's on the beaches of the Caribbean, went out with friends every weekend and slept in late!  We had a BLAST in our 20's. We also worked hard, saved money and juggled a few different jobs … [Read more...]

5 MUST HAVE style trends you need to get on board with NOW!

We travel the country looking for the latest and greatest, and here are a few stand outs that we've caught on to! 1.) Kimonos They're more versatile than you think!  Wear with denim capris or shorts, a tank and you're set for a great girl's outing!  Wear as an ultra chic swim cover up.  Layer it over a fitted dress for a great contrast! 2.) Colored Sneakers We adore this new trend.  It's preppy, it's casual, it's smart!  Did you know a pair of shoes could cover all that ground? 3.) … [Read more...]

Just Say, “Thank you!”

Why is accepting a compliment about yourself SO DANG HARD?! A group of us girls were visiting one night and we were discussing how as women we completely reject compliments and talk the "giver" out of it as soon as they say it.  Of course we all LOVE to be complimented, but it's difficult to know how to act when it actually happens.  Duh....we work our butts off to look good, dress nice, get our hair just right, blah, blah, why when we are acknowledged for that we dismiss it? I … [Read more...]

Meet the Girls!

It's been awhile since we've introduced you to our fab Laney Lu's Brand Ambassador models.  These chicks are "gorg" of course, but really amazing human beings besides!  Drum roll they are! Kassie We call her Sassy Kassie...she's a full time nurse, wife and mommy!  We love her fiesty, fiery attitude and sparkle for life!  Her sultry look is easy to capture in photos!  Ask her about her world travels...they're impressive! Darion She doesn't even need to try...she just … [Read more...]

Em’s Market Predictions…

I LOVE going to market!  It's one of my favorite parts of my job.  Market, as we call it, is where retailers such as myself go and shop 1,000's of vendors and choose what our store's will carry for the season.  I'm fortunate enough to go to furniture market, home decor market and apparel market.  Tough gig, huh?  Shopping for days on end?! Here are my predictions for what I think will be the hot trends at market this year... Las Vegas Furniture Market:  I think we will see brown upholstery … [Read more...]

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