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You know all the gimmicky products out there that promise to erase your wrinkles in 1 night, give you a 6 pack abs in a week, help you drop 30 pounds in 30 days…blah, blah, blah…annoying.

Ladies!  There is NO QUICK FIX to anything….OR, IS THERE??

I’m here to tell you about 5 products that I personally use, personally buy and they ACTUALLY, truly provide a quick fix.  Are you ready??  This is exciting stuff!  And here is my important DISCLAIMER…none of these people or companies paid me or gave me anything free to say this stuff about their products (although I’m fine with it if they want to send me complimentary stuff) bahahaha!

1.) Quick Tan

Seriously…I spray this on after my morning shower (in the shower after I’m dry) if I want a darker glow that day.  I spray it on my entire body and my face.  Sometimes I even spray it OVER my makeup because I’m in a hurry.  I repeat the next morning if I want it darker.  This will last about 5 days.  It doesn’t get on your clothes as long as it’s dry when you put them on.  Best yet!  You won’t get skin cancer from this tan!

2.) Rodan and Fields Lash Boost

I didn’t have much faith in this one…especially after I saw the price ($100+).  However, I hung in there and applied it to my lash line faithfully for about 2 weeks and all of a sudden my eyelashes were OUT OF CONTROL long!  What the heck?!  Seriously…it looked like I had fake eyelashes on.  I was doing it nightly for about 2 weeks and now I just apply it a couple times a week to keep them up.  I’m a believer in this stuff.  It’s like Miracle Gro for your lashes!


3.) Nu Colour Mascara

So now that I had long, lush eyelashes I wanted a great mascara to keep them looking that way.  I’m VERY picky about my mascara because I hate it when it flakes off all day long and your undereyes look like a dirt road by the end of the day.  I think this mascara fits the bill for what I was looking for and only enhanced my lashes even more!


4.) LipSense

You knew it was coming right?!  I was the worst about putting on lipstick.  If I did, it was once in the morning right before I went into work and it was wore off by my first cup of coffee.  Then along came LipSense!!!  It’s the long lasting lip color that stays on for AT LEAST 4 hours.  This is what a busy person who doesn’t look in the mirror again for the rest of the day needs.  I LOVE the colors and have fun mixing and matching the different shades.  A few of my favorite colors are Caramel Apple, Pink Champagne, Napa, Blu Red and of course the Glossy Gloss.


5.) Beauty Counter Facial Oil

So awhile back I (tried) to eliminate all the yucky stuff from my kitchen (processed foods, packaged foods, etc.)  Not until recently did I decide I probably needed to do the same for what I put ON my body and skin.  I love that Beauty Counter’s products aren’t filled with that JUNK!  This serum is GLORIOUS for my face (as I age) and especially in the dry winter season because I have VERY dry skin.  This brightens it and leaves it feeling FAB!

6.) Better Bootie Jeans

Do you hear the angels singing?!  Because a pair of jeans was invented to make your bum look AMAZING!  They are constructed of the right stuff stretch denim, designed with a heart shaped back yoke (to emphasize a round bootie) and have the lines and angles to almost create an optical illusion on your backside.  Whatever!  I’ll take it!  We actually do carry these at Laney Lu’s Boutique and I don’t think there’s a single woman employed here (and there’s 30 of us) who don’t own at least 1 pair of these.  Wanna know what the best part is besides your bootilicious backside?  The price!  All styles are under $50!!!  Click the pants for link!











SO there you have it!  I’ve done the research and testing for you!  These products actually DO work as well as they claim (in my opinion)!  You’re welcome!  I’m always looking out for you!

If you are a consultant (i.e. Girl Boss):)  for any of these beauty products that I recommended please feel free to tag yourself, where you’re located and what you represent so people can get in touch with you to purchase!

xoxoxo Emily (Laney Lu’s Mom)


1 thought on “Em’s Fabulous or Fail Product List!”

  1. Lashboost is a must have!!! I ❤️❤️❤️ It! I wish I had taken before and after pictures…I never did because who “really” thought it would work. And lashboost is just one of the awesome products R +F has. Their skincare has my face better than it was in middle school!! https://sslegers.myrandf.com

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