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You love Trump, you hate Trump…you voted for Hillary, you couldn’t stand Hillary…whatever your take is on certain situations, why does our human nature go into “competition” mode more often than not.  Why do OUR opinions always have to be the RIGHT ones.

Have you ever considered that our very own “Girl Power” is hindered by girls themselves.  What I mean by that is, you have to sit and wonder why it is that as women we SOMETIMES get slight satisfaction out of hearing ill fated news of other women.  Is it jealousy?  Is it revenge?  Is it low self esteem we have of ourselves?
So you think you don’t put other women down?  Ask yourself…the last time you checked facebook and saw a “friend” on a tropical vacation with her bikini on and she had the 6 pack you dreamed of….did you roll your eyes and scroll on, or did you compliment her post and tell her to have a great time?  Why wouldn’t we be happy for this woman?  Why wouldn’t we be happy she got the heck out of Minnesota into warmer weather?  Why wouldn’t we appreciate the WORK she must put in to staying fit.  She’s earned it, right?!

When’s the last time you gossiped about another woman and how she or her spouse lost a job, or talked about her “horrible” kid that causes so much trouble, or failed at something new she was trying out?  Why do we find joy in talking about that with others?  Isn’t that terrible of us?

When is the last time you as a working mom, scoffed at a stay-at-home mom’s schedule of taking her kids to the pool and completing Pinterest projects while you put in a 10 hour day at the office?  C’mon…why can’t we be happy for this mom that she GETS to stay home with her children?

When is the last time you as a stay-at-home mom offered to pick up a working mom’s kid and include him or her in a fun activity during the day just because you care about that mom and her kid and wanted to do something nice for them.  Do you know the guilt us moms feel about going to work and not being able to have our kids enjoy the pool or park like the other children are?

When is the last time you thought, “Well…it’s her own fault her marriage failed because she…..(fill in the blank).”

When is the last time you thought, “Well, I knew that was going to happen to her, it was only a matter of time until …(fill in the blank) fell apart.”

When is the last time you thought, “Well, if she didn’t spend her money on… (fill in the blank), maybe she’d have more to live on.”

When is the last time you saw a girlfriend’s bootie and thought to yourself, “Man…she’s gained weight…smirk. smirk.”

You get the idea…we ALL do it.


Ladies…let’s change the cycle.  Let’s lift one another up instead of tearing one another down.  Gross…shame on us, why do we even need to be reminded to do this?


  1. Plain and Simple…go 7 days without gossiping…it’s tough, try it.
  2. Support, Share and Promote a woman’s ventures without being prompted.  Publicly commend their work on facebook or share an important post of theirs to help their cause or business.
  3. Send a card to a fellow woman unexpectedly just letting her know you appreciate and/or are proud of what she does (as a mom, as a business woman, as an employee, as a wife…whatever.)
  4. Take time out of your schedule to attend or participate in another woman’s ventures (i.e. does a friend have a speaking engagement, a booth at a vendor fair, does she have a business you can utilize, did someone work hard volunteering for an event you can attend to show your support, etc.)
  5. Chill out on the judgement.  In an instant where you would normally judge another’s actions, take a minute to stop and think…then shut the judgement DOWN.  We haven’t lived in one another’s shoes.  We haven’t felt what others feel.  It’s SO refreshing to have an open mind, it seriously FEELS better.
  6. Compliment another woman on something.  Her hair, her home, her work, her efforts, her spirit.  Be genuine.
  7. Refer people to other women who may have just what someone else may need.  POSITIVE word of mouth is invaluable!  I personally love to tell our out of town shoppers at my store to visit our other fun stores in town.  Don’t view one another as competition, we’re stronger TOGETHER than as individuals.

In this cynical world we live in, let’s be one another’s cheerleaders ladies!  I know my heart feels so much better being happy for people rather than angry, jealous or annoyed.  I also know that I’ve avoided many unnecessary conflicts in my life since opening my mind up to OTHER possible scenarios other than just my own reality.

I’d love to hear who you’re proud of or your advice on lifting women up.  I need all the help I can get!!

Be kind to one another!

xoxox Emily (Laney Lu’s mom)


2 thoughts on “I Enjoy Seeing her Fail….(insert evil laugh here…)”

  1. I’ve never really been the best at giving advice but one thing I do advise is surround yourself with positive, open, and outgoing people. In my 30’s I’ve let go of the negative people in my life and do not feel bad about it one bit! We are only on this planet for a short time. Enjoy it with the people you love and with the people that love you.

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