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Fall is definitely underway and we are so excited about all the latest trends in décor. If you’re looking for ideas for ways to boost the life of your décor, look no further. Let’s talk about some simple ways to amp up the look of your home at this fabulous time of the year.


1.) Lanterns are HOT, HOT, HOT–and rightfully so. They can be used all year long and you can decorate the inside AND the outside for all seasons. Universal items like this keep decorating costs down and we adore that. This lovely pair of lanterns brings us to the next hot decor item on our list…

2.) Galvanized metal EVERYTHING. This aged metal look is very in style and isn’t going anywhere. At A&W Furniture we carry many of these great items in-store, such as the lanterns and decorative letters that are pictured, we also have many different styles of trays, wall art, decorative buckets and baskets, mirrors, and so much more. This brings a whole new look and texture to our home decor, not to mention, adds a lot of visual interest. It’s easy to go overboard on this trend though, so try to keep these fabulous galvanized pieces to a minimum so those guys from American Pickers don’t show up at your door.



3.) This image is a combo of two of our favs, first up: Burlap. Burlap has been a home staple for a few years now, and we love it. This lamp is the perfect example of a classy, casual, and neutral way to inject a little burlap into your decor. Other simple ways we’re using it is on pillows (made to look like burlap, but out of more comfortable material, of course), ribbon used in florals or even gift-wrapping, table runners, placemats and basket linings.

4.) You can also see our next favorite trend in this picture; Reclaimed Wood. Whether you are a DIYer who enjoys the challenges of building your own pieces, or you’d prefer to have a professionally built and finished piece, reclaimed wood and often the hardware that adorns it really add a lot of visual interest to your home and can be used in small artful ways or on large furniture pieces that really add a wow-factor to your space. Here are a few more examples of reclaimed wood throughout the store…

image1  image2

image3  FullSizeRender (5)

5.) Last on our list has proven to be one of the most fun trends…upcycling. We just love the idea of taking old items, often times things that wouldn’t be thought of as necessarily decorative, and using them in a different way to add an element of surprise and creativity to your home. Below are a couple of simple examples. Use a crate as storage or turn it on it’s side to create an interesting shelf or display. This old milk crate works perfectly for our display of rugs, but can be used in many fun ways in a home setting. The last photo shows how our fabulous A&W guys used some old boards on the wall to give our boutique a rustic feel.

image2  image7  image9

We are so happy to have shared our favorite trends in decor. These are simple and incredibly versatile ways to bring your home into 2015. What are your favorite decorating trends right now? We’d love to hear them! Or if you’re in need of more one-on-one assistance, please stop in and let us help! Happy Decorating!


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