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Tis the season of family fun and joy….for most of the family! Sigh, if our kids and husbands only knew how much work and planning really goes into the holiday season decor, gifts, and parties. As much as us mama’s enjoy creating a memorable Christmas it is tiring and a lot of work…JUST SAYING! My husband just starting thinking about gift buying this week and I have been pinning, bargain online shopping, and wrapping for a month already. Why, why can’t we just let it go like men and roll with it? I often tell my husband that I have to preplan and prepare so that I can enjoy the moment. Do we? Do we really just sit back and truly take in our children’s little faces and taste the fudge? I often feel like a distracted circus clown with back to back acts  and end up emotional and crabby. I say no MORE! With three kids ranging from 1 year to 15 years I want them to remember me being the fun mom who was in the moment. The mom that didn’t worry if the tree was perfect or the sprinkles were swept off the floor. I want to create memories that make them so excited to come home for the holidays with their kids when they are grown. I refuse to be the mom that when my daughter pulls up in the driveway of her childhood home she looks at her husband and kids and says ” I know, I know grandma is crazy but we have to be here!”  So other than a case of wine here is a collection of ideas I am going to try to implement this season. Feel free to comment and share on yours!


    1. Keep it in perspective: Whatever you need to remind yourself every day of the holiday that it is about faith, family, and fun. Write it on a vision board, bathroom mirror, or set a reminder on your cell.
    2. Don’t forget to breath! Seriously deep breaths. We know it is proven this instantly calms your nerves and blood pressure so when you feel overwhelmed just breathe.
    3. Be ok with good enough! No one needs it or anything to be perfect. Stop putting that pressure on ourselves to have a Better Homes and Garden house while looking like Jennifer Aniston! The best parties I have been to are about the fun we had, not how clean her house was.
    4. Don’t count calories for the week of Christmas, but try to eat healthy! Throw an an apple in your mouth between bites of cream cheese dips.
    5. Keep daily rituals that ground you: Do you run, meditate, or read before bed? Our everyday practices keep us calm and centered.
    6. Ask for Help! You do not need to take it all on, BUT be okay with other people’s standard of help as well. Your guest will feel more comfortable helping rather than watching you run around like a maniac.
    7. Gifts are not the reason for the season! If the exchanging list is too long and expensive toss it out. You may be surprised how people will be grateful to not have to buy 5 extra gifts this year. Or simplify by having a theme this year like food gifts, gift cards, games, etc.
    8. Find out what they really want to do: Ask your family what is there favorite tradition and don’t forget to include your own. Maybe you are making more work than is needed. You may be surprised how simple their answers are.
    9. Remember your husband is not the enemy 🙂 It is easy to take out our stress on the ones closest to us. This only leaves you feeling guilty for causing friction to those most important people in our lives. Communicate prior to events with your husband on how he can help reduce stress for you and with you.
    10. Make memories while preparing for the events: Make a pizza instead of dinner on Thursday this week and have the kids help you premake the stuffed mushrooms and freeze them while you sing carols. Ask your hubby if he will help you wrap presents tonight while in some cute jammies and drinking some wine.
    11. Say No! Stop doing obligations that you hate or taking on more than you can handle. If you don’t want to fight with your family in the car for 5 hours to visit your great aunt …….don’t. Do not be afraid to change it up. Repeating the same thing over and over again and getting the same results is the defintition of insainty people!
    12. Pray! Jesus is the reason for the season.

    The main objective ladies here it is if you skimmed over the rest… focus on the fellowship of the people you’re gathering with, and don’t stress out on the preparations and menu! We will remember the memories and traditions we made over the years.

    Let’s challenge ourselves to make this Christmas season amazing!

    Merry Christmas,

Miss Megan

Laney Lu’s Mananger and her auntie

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