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$4.95 Shipping In The US

Hi everyone! Time for another family meeting! We’ll keep this one short and sweet since we know how busy you are…


Forgive me, I’m about to say the S-word. School. Schooly-school school. Whether you’re elated and can’t wait to have your peaceful lunchbreaks at home back, or you’re dreading it, knowing the magnitude of activites that your world is about to revolve around–it’s coming.

We were just discussing how BIG of a job teachers have, and it only gets bigger as time goes by. Teaching a subject is often just the tip of the iceberg of responsibilities teachers have now. So, without getting too sappy, to all teachers who are helping shape lives–a sincere thank you.

Now, we don’t condone trying to buy your kids’ teacher’s respect. But we do love the idea of starting the year off on the right foot–letting teachers know that we’re all here for the sake of the students. If you’d like to bring your teachers a little treat of some kind, please feel free to download our FREE printable gift-tag that we designed specifically with teachers in mind. If you have some, print it on a heavier cardstock to make it nice and sturdy. Print and use as many as you’d like!

Download Back to School Printable Here

From everyone at Laney Lu’s and A&W Furniture, we wish all students and faculty a safe, happy, and successful school year!

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