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My husband HATES when I ask him, “Do I look good in this?” Or, “What should I wear?”  So…just to annoy him even more I made him choose my outfits for a week.  Bahahahaha!  Ladies, he put about 10 seconds effort into each of these outfit selections but I thought you’d get a kick out of what he chose.  How well did he do?  You be the judge.

My hubby knows I love a good long cardigan. I have a flair for the dramatic and I think long cardis are DRAMA!
Tiered Skirt he chose for our Concert Night. At least I was comfy! No spanx required with this little number!
On this day, Mike just wanted me to help him lay new vinyl flooring. He knew I had to look presentable at work but still needed to get down and dirty. I MIGHT have suggested the plaid shirt tied at my waist…it just seemed appropriate!


This is what Mike chose for a rare “date night!” Love a good kimono summer or fall!

















I honestly couldn’t believe Mike chose leopard print for a work day one day. I always feel a little “Peg Bundy” when I wear this print, but it’s a season must have!
Mike loves it when I wear “color.” To be honest, I don’t own much color. Hmmmm….time for a wardrobe update!

















There ya have it!  How do you think he did?  Any surprises?!

I’d love to see what your hubby chooses for you someday!


xoxox Emily (Laney Lu’s Mom)


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