I Let My Husband Choose my Outfits

My husband HATES when I ask him, “Do I look good in this?” Or, “What should I wear?”  So…just to annoy him even more I made him choose my outfits for a week.  Bahahahaha!  Ladies, he put about 10 seconds effort into each of these outfit selections but I thought you’d get a kick out of what he chose.  How well did he do?  You be the judge.

My hubby knows I love a good long cardigan. I have a flair for the dramatic and I think long cardis are DRAMA!

Tiered Skirt he chose for our Concert Night. At least I was comfy! No spanx required with this little number!

On this day, Mike just wanted me to help him lay new vinyl flooring. He knew I had to look presentable at work but still needed to get down and dirty. I MIGHT have suggested the plaid shirt tied at my waist…it just seemed appropriate!


This is what Mike chose for a rare “date night!” Love a good kimono summer or fall!

















I honestly couldn’t believe Mike chose leopard print for a work day one day. I always feel a little “Peg Bundy” when I wear this print, but it’s a season must have!

Mike loves it when I wear “color.” To be honest, I don’t own much color. Hmmmm….time for a wardrobe update!

















There ya have it!  How do you think he did?  Any surprises?!

I’d love to see what your hubby chooses for you someday!


xoxox Emily (Laney Lu’s Mom)




  1. Mike needs to be a wardrobe consultant! Great job! Oh, you look awesome, as usual, Em!

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