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Why is accepting a compliment about yourself SO DANG HARD?!

A group of us girls were visiting one night and we were discussing how as women we completely reject compliments and talk the “giver” out of it as soon as they say it.  Of course we all LOVE to be complimented, but it’s difficult to know how to act when it actually happens.  Duh….we work our butts off to look good, dress nice, get our hair just right, blah, blah, blah….so why when we are acknowledged for that we dismiss it?

I challenge all of us to change our mindset.  If not for ourselves, for our littles, for our friends, for our peers!  Let’s try something different.  For example, when someone says, “Hey!  I love your outfit!”  Instead of saying, “Oh my gosh…this is so old!”  Let’s say, “Thank you so much, that’s nice of you to say!”  Ladies!  It’s time to own it and show that women with self esteem are empowering, are enlightening and just way cool human beings!  I think as women we don’t want to seem like we’re bragging or boasting.  We don’t want to seem “above” anyone else, so we’ve been ingrained to put ourselves down.  Boo to that.

I have a daughter that hangs on to everything I say.  So why in the world would I teach her to put herself down when someone tells her something nice.  Little ears are listening!

It’s time to OWN IT girls! Let’s reject that negative self talk and dismissive attitude towards compliments!  It’s okay!  I’m giving you permission!  Let’s receive compliments graciously and see them as a blessing.  Don’t overthink the nice words, just enjoy them.

At our recent photo shoot Megan, Steph and I (boutique employees) were self deprecating enough to do a “spoof” on our own version of modeling.  Here’s what we came up with and I think we look FABULOUS!  We’re owning it!

Three girls pretending to be models in a vineyard wearing summer fashions

xoxoxo Emily (Laney Lu’s Mom)


1 thought on “Just Say, “Thank you!””

  1. I love this! A year or two ago I decided that disliking myself was too draining! I found that not being self-deprecating was the first step in retraining my brain!

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