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Nothing can prepare you for what will happen to your body after you have a baby. Not to mention baby #3 at 37 years old.  As if you are not feeling bad enough about the mom pouch and chubby thighs everywhere you look on social media is size 1 models, accountability groups, and every celebrity popping Garcinia while wearing a waist trainer. All the pressure is exhausting! Speaking of exhausted between running kid’s to hockey and middle of the night feedings where does one find the energy to work out the 5 times a week it would take to lose significant weight (that is how often I would need).  After I get home from work, make dinner, do homework, and rock a baby to bed it is now 9:00! That is when I remember Oh yeah I have a husband who maybe I could look at today! I typically choose him with a glass of wine on the couch! 

I battle between those 15 pounds I want to lose and being present for my family. I’m not too lazy to work out or eat right! I actually love and crave exercise and eat healthier than most people I know. I like millions of moms put my family, home, and job first. My mom pouch means I chose to take bites from the dinner I’m preparing my family while cooking as my way of eating less. My exercise is chasing a one year old around and hauling laundry baskets. My weekends of “free time” are working retail and cleaning my house to get ready for the week. How can I feel bad or body shamed for that?  What does society really expect from moms? 

Managing a women’s clothing boutique I hear women talk about their bodies all day. I hear about the muffin tops, arm pit fat, and big butts that they fret about. They turn around in the mirror and size themselves up for hours. What was so eye opening to me is that all these women were so beautiful in their own way! Most women past 30 have some part of our body that doesn’t quite look like it did at 21, but most women have at least one feature still going on. So I decided that we as women have to just start being ok with who we are and work with what we got! I love finding clothing for women that accentuates their best feature and seeing the look on their face. 

Right now, I can’t personally put the time and energy into myself I want or even deserve because I made the choice.  I chose to be an awesome mom and wifey. Again, I say personally maybe you are killing it doing all of it! I will one day have that time, but it will most likely mean my kids won’t need me as much. I then will have plenty of treadmill time daydreaming about what they are doing at college and are they safe. I would rather not fit the social mold and instead be confident I was present for my family.  I refuse to wish away these precious moments with them for “me” time. Which makes me laugh in itself as if us women really want our “me” time to be working out and making salads! 

So do your part ladies start loving yourself and stop trash talking other women who have put on some weight since high school. Start complimenting each other on what we are doing right! Start validating what is really important in life. No one in the end cares or talks about how much you worked out. They will talk about your character, zest for life, and kindness. You will live on through your children who will talk highly of you when you’re gone because you were present for them.



Miss Megan

Laney Lu’s mananger and Auntie

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1 thought on “Just because I still have a “mom pouch” does not mean I’m lazy!”

  1. So true and relevant for me! As mothers we give a good chunk (or all) of our time to our babies, hubbies, work, etc. and that makes it so hard to find time to do anything for ourselves. I continue to fall into this trap, work on getting out of it, and then fall back in again.


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