$4.95 Shipping In The US
$4.95 Shipping In The US

We are definitely putting this on our list of movies that we recommend. Oh, we haven’t recommended any movies yet? Well, then this is where the list starts.

I’m talking about the movie Joy.


Joy is rated PG-13 and came out in theaters Christmas Day 2015. It is currently available to rent or purchase. I found a copy at our local Redbox.  The movie stars Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence (let’s face it right now, we all want to be her) Robert DeNiro (the man against whom all other actors are measured, and Bradley Cooper (who takes good looks to a whole different level).

While this story is loosely based on a real person, the story is fictional. Even so, it left us entirely inspired. As head of the household, Joy is the person that keeps everything running. Facing many unexpected challenges, she uses her creativity and determination to turn one of her inventions into a reality. It doesn’t come easy, but Joy stays true to herself and creates an empire.

This movie can probably be placed in the chick flick category. It doesn’t have any car chases and there aren’t any dinosaurs running around wrecking stuff, but it is heart-warming and empowering at the same time. If you’re looking for a little inspiration and a lot of great acting, check this one out!



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