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So…..I’m 10 months away from turning 40.  Not that I’m counting.  I’m not too worried about that number, I could really care less about that and more about the wrinkle line count on my forehead.  I have to admit though…the older I’m becoming the harder it is to stay on top of my fitness, weight and overall health.  I’m older, weaker, more exhausted, more responsibilities with my family, work…you name it.  I’ve always leisurely exercised and been a fairly healthy eater but slowly that’s not getting the job done anymore when it comes to my personal goals.

This summer I decided that I needed to amp my exercise up a notch and add a day of it to my week.  I always worked out 3 days a week, but wanted to see what at least 4 days a week would do since nothing else was budging.  I also began researching “clean eating.”  I started with cutting sugar and most dairy out of my diet back in July.   I guess if you were going to give my “diet” a name it would be closely related to the Paleo Diet.  I’m not regimented about it and give myself a cheat day on Fridays (because mama really likes wine).

So….what is this blog about?  I’m not sure really, other than I felt compelled to challenge others to kick themselves in the butt and get their health closer to the top of their personal priority list.  I work, I have kids, I’m getting older, my knees hurt, my back hurts, I suffer from chronic migraines…but if I don’t MOVE and make the right decisions for my health it’s only going to get worse.  Also – this week my FAVORITE fall sessions of exercise classes start back up in my hometown after a summer break and I wanted to give a little plug to these resources right here in Redwood Falls, MN!

There are tons of offerings for group or private classes here in our town…do a search and you’ll find Functional Fitness with tremendous results, Snap Fitness for times that fit your schedule and the Redwood Falls Community Center with TONS of classes and equipment.  Check out the resources in your town to see what’s right for you!

This week one of my new favorite classes starts up…PIYO!  I had no idea what to expect from this class but the instructor Lindy Kaden is AN ABSOLUTE doll to have teaching it.  Her spirit and sunshine just radiates and she makes the workout fun….not to mention the FAB music she plays.  PIYO is higher energy than yoga and definitely gets the job done.  YES, you will sweat.  YES, you will need to guzzle some water during the breaks.  You can do modifications to workout at your OWN pace.  This has been a great addition to my weekly workout and pushed me harder than I would push myself if I weren’t in a group setting.  Check out the schedule here.


Another day of the week I take a YOGA class.  I’m not into the chanting, humming and all that jazz…luckily my long time instructor Jerilyn Kodet doesn’t make us do that! 🙂  She’s a no nonsense instructor who moves the class right along and if her bootie in spandex pants doesn’t motivate you I don’t know what will!

I’ve taken yoga for quite a few years now and I cannot tell you how BENEFICIAL this class is for my core, spirit, energy, attitude…you name it.  It’s absolutely necessary for my life.  I often wonder if people realize how MUCH exercise yoga actually provides.  It’s as tough a workout as you put in.  I personally love it when my abs are burning the day after my yoga class.  Check out the yoga schedule here.

I also love that now when I go on vacation I check to see if there are any yoga classes I can partake in.  Yep, I’m that person.  But c’mon!  I did yoga on the beach and watched whales jump in front of me.  I NEVER would have had that experience if I hadn’t put myself out there and gotten INVOLVED!

Jerilyn is also starting a quick lunch session one day a week that will incorporate a class of toning and weights.  I love the ease of this during my lunch break and can’t think of an easier way to bust my butt for 40 minutes or so.

The other days of the week I will just see what I’m in the mood for.  A walk through the park, 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer, water bike at the lake or my 30 day shred dvd.  The point is I just need to MAKE MYSELF GET MOVING.

I wanted to write this blog to encourage others to take advantage of the resources in your hometowns.  DON’T be intimidated to go to a class.  You CAN do it!!!!  The women in all the classes that I take are encouraging, non judgemental and we’re all there just trying to get healthy.  We’re all different shapes and sizes and we’re all on different levels of fitness. Different things jiggle on all of us in different spots. You can make all the excuses you want that you’re not “fit” enough to join a class…you’re only doing a disservice to yourself and what you’re capable of doing.  And yes, the more you do it the easier it will become….you might even become slightly obsessed like me!  Wondering if I saw results from my clean eating and additional day of movement?  Yes.  I won’t talk about the numbers on the scale because that’s not the purpose of this blog, but yes, there were results because I COMMITTED.

So maybe I can’t talk you into exercise…fine…what else can you do to challenge yourself to become healthier?  Cut back drinking?  Join an art class?  Cooking class?  Volunteer somewhere worthwhile rather than hit up a bar one night?  Join a bible study?

Whatever it is, I just encourage you to elevate your life in some way.  Surround yourselves with women who ALSO ELEVATE you!  I’m by NO MEANS in tip top shape or a fitness guru, but I have found what I enjoy and I never would have known I enjoyed it unless I TRIED!  Unless I PARTICIPATED!

Start this week!  There’s no time like the present to make some positive changes that will enhance your life and health.  Encourage someone who needs it!  I already know what you’re thinking…I’ll start in January.  What if you turned that part of your brain off and instead decided, “Yep, time to shut down the computer and go for a walk on this beautiful fall day!”

Take care of yourselves dolls….

xoxoxo Emily (Laney Lu’s Mom)

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