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I hear this statement all the time in the boutique, “I’m too old to wear that!”  Just this week a co-worker and I who are in our late 30’s asked the questions “Are we too old for shortS?” So what is the answer? Are we too old?

Vogue says “To assume style has an expiry date is as problematic as it is boring. Does fashion cater to youth culture? Well, duh. But that’s arguably because youth is the fashion gateway.” I loved this answer! The more and more I researched what the gods of fashion say and asked people I got the overall impression that it is the attitude and personality of a person more than an age that determines what we should wear. I could not agree more!

But let’s be real here some trends and fashions we definitely need to do the grown up version of! Just a little tweaking to become age appropriate and be taken seriously is all.

Shorty Shorts 

Shorts all lengths are fine at any age…..if you have the legs for it ladies. IF, your best feature is your legs show those babies off (if you have shaved! 🙂 If you’re uncomfortable looking at your bare legs then take the pressure off yourself and wear bermudas, white pants, or capris. It is all what you pair with it your summer bottoms of choice. If you are going to throw on some shorties than maybe no crop top today:) It is called balance people.

Crop Tops

The crop top has become a major trend in 2017. I think every  dress I saw was cropped this past prom season. If you have a tummy you can still show off by all means let that mid-drift out. To look trendy and not trashy try pairing it with high waisted skirts or pants.

” I love to do it with a high waist or something so that it’s the illusion of showing your skin but it’s not really showing your skin.” Fashion designer Lela Rose.



Distressed Denim

Yes, please wear distressed demin! This look is all the buzz in casual and professional wear. Blazers with distressed denim is a wardrobe staple these days. Now, past 16 I don’t think you need to have shredded pants with the pockets and your bum hanging out for goodness sake. Dress it up with great heels and some statement jewelry for a homerun.




This is the one I hear the most often in our boutique “I am too old for leggings!” With the fashion trends today it is almost impossible not to wear leggings. The tunic top (am I a dress or long shirt top) is EVERYWHERE. Unless you want to look like a billowing pillow case you have to balance these long and flowing tunics with a slender bottom. Here is the most important legging rule: Leggings are NOT pants (unless you are 6). You must cover your butt no matter how Kim K you think your tush is. Also, past 30 look to invest in a sturdy fabric legging to old you in, smooth lines, and is thick enough for coverage. My favorite legging brand is Lysse (buy them here at www.laneylus.com)  I don’t know about you, but I am going to ride this fashion trend out until the bitter end as leggings are sooo comfortable.



Converse Tennis Shoe

We are talking about tennis shoes as a fashion statement not workout gear to be clear. What is more all American than sporting a pair of converse tennis shoes? It is almost a right of passage to own this classic shoe. Yes, please do wear tennis shoes for work and play. Tennis shoes paired with a great blazer has become the uniform of the busy working girl who does not have time to be slowed down by impractial heels everyday! This is the key here….they are not to be worn everyday…remember balance.


Swim Suits

For the love of God ladies please dive in…literally. Life is too short to not swim in the lake or wade in the ocean once and awhile. Do not be that mom or grandma that is too insecure to go swimming with those blessed children. Do not be the girl that avoids beach vacations. Take the time and make the investment in a suit that compliments your body. Its like a good bra you have to try it on and get a good fit.





Just remember to wear what represents your personality, makes you feel good, and you can breath in:)

Check out our styles for EVERYbody and unique statement clothing at Laney Lu’s Boutique www.laneylus.com

Love, Laney’s Auntie Megan

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