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So yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and let’s be real about something. For those of us who don’t have strong and personal connections to either team playing, one of the best things about this oh-so-sacred day is usually the food. While we definitely didn’t go crazy this year, there is one thing that I’ve been wanting to try making; Reuben Egg Rolls. I finally bought the paraphernalia and MADE THEM HAPPEN!

I know that I did not invent these, but I’ve had a real hankerin’ for reubens lately, and the Big Game seemed like the perfect opportunity to make these little gems happen. I have also recently acquired an air fryer (Thanks Laura!), so the stars and planets all aligned and it just felt right. Now, I didn’t bother hunting for an actual recipe, so this version is super simple and it’s what worked for me. In my opinion there’s always room for adjustments in cooking!

Before we begin, please excuse my lack of photography skills.

• So as you remember from Home-Ec, the FIRST thing you do is gather your ingredients and wash your hands–I know you don’t need me to tell you that but it’s flu season, y’all.

Here are the ingredients that I chose to use:

  • Cleveland Kraut (Roasted Garlic Flavor) or your own favorite brand of saurkraut
  • Melissa’s Egg Roll Wraps
  • Buddig Corned Beef (1 packet made 4 egg rolls for me)
  • About 1 Cup of your favorite shredded white melting cheese (I used plain ol’ Mozzarella)
  • Jimmy’s Thousand Island Dressing

Food purists are probably shaking their fists in the air- all jazzed up about how these aren’t a “true” reuben. You’re right, they’re not. Let’s move on, shall we?

• After getting out my air fryer, I did use cooking spray in the bottom of the basket just to make sure the rolls didn’t stick. Then I layed out one of my egg roll wrappers in this fancy kiddie-corner way.













• Next I placed 2- 3 tablespoons of my diced corned beef in a short line in the middle of the wrapper. (I diced my corned beef, simply because it’s easier to eat once it’s done.)

•Then I added 2-3 tablespoons of saurkraut to that. (Use your favorite brand here! I really like the Cleveland brand Roasted Garlic flavor because it has great added flavor and there are ZERO caraway seeds. Caraway seeds are a major deal breaker for me. Just sayin’. Then I added about 2-3 tablespoons of my shredded cheese to that.


So after adding our ingredients, we’re going to roll ‘er up! You get the egg roll shape by folding the wrapper corner to corner over your filling. Then I carefully pressed and pulled back on that top layer, so the filling became more snug inside the wrapper, and to get out as much excess air as possible. Here’s what it looked like when my man-hands did this step.

It doesn’t look a whole lot different in the second photo, but you just want to pull it back far enough that all of your filling is still covered and is all tucked in tight!

• We’ve now reached the folding portion of the event. Simply fold your edges into the middle, then roll that forward onto itself once. At this point, I brushed a few drops of water over the remaining corner so that when I finished rolling it up, it stays “glued” shut. I put three of them into the basket of the air fryer and sprayed them with cooking spray, just so they would get that nice golden brown color. You could easily brush on olive oil too. Next time I do this I’ll  sprinkle a bit of kosher salt on the tops of them since we aren’t actually frying them–it’ll be nice to add a little extra flavor to the outside.

I haven’t had a lot of luck finding specific air fryer cooking instructions for things so I usually end up just saying a prayer and continuously checking it while it cooks.

• What worked for me on this recipe was 10 minutes @ 360°.

After ten minutes they were the beautiful little bundles of joy pictured above in the middle. Finally, I sliced them at an angle, because that’s what fancy people do. It also allows the insides to cool so you don’t burn your mouth. You’re welcome. Last, I put them in the natural pose that you see below with a little Thousand Island dressing for dipping! Serve those babies up right away.

Now the only thing left to do is figure out what other kinds of egg rolls we can make in the air fryer! A Rachael version? Cuban style? I feel like you could wrap just about anything up with some cheese and it would be delicious. What have you created in your air fryer? I’m pretty new to the idea but I’ve really enjoyed it thus far!

If you give these a try, be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Thanks and Happy Air Frying!

XOXO – Steph

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