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I have a beautiful Goddaughter named, Haylee Bella Sovell and this week she will embark on the journey of a lifetime.  Haylee is spending her senior year abroad in a country named Macedonia.  Yes, I admit I didn’t know if this was an actual place because it sounds like something made up in a movie.  I now know that it is small country in southeastern Europe near Greece.

The Back Story

Haylee is the daughter of our boutique manager, Megan.  She came into this world surrounded by an extended family of love.  Megan raised her as a single mom and to say she has done a tremendous job would be an understatement.  The two of them have conquered a lot of life together.  They have the traditional mother/daughter relationship but it’s so much deeper than that.  They are confidants, they are teammates, they are friends.  I pray my relationship with my own daughter will be that strong.  I admire Megan’s perseverance to parent this strong willed, beautiful, intelligent girl.  I admire Haylee’s fierce love and protection towards her mom.


Megan would trust this beautiful baby girl to me to babysit occasionally and I remember one time that Mike (my husband) and I were in charge of watching her and within seconds of our “charge” she stepped off the curb onto the asphalt road and scraped her precious face.  Man oh man…we couldn’t even take care of her for 30 seconds without her getting hurt.  I will never forget that day and this photo still haunts me to this day!  How did Megan conquer this every day on her own and is now sending her across the ocean for a year?!?!  


I was honored to be asked to be Haylee’s Godmother.  I didn’t have a Godmother of my own so I didn’t exactly know what that meant.   What I came up with is that I needed to be an example to her.  I wanted to be an example of a Christian woman who had faith and a commitment in God, an example of a woman who is strong and unapologetic for that strength.  I wanted to be an example of a woman who is independent with her career, her life and her choices.  I didn’t have to try very hard to impress those things upon Haylee.  She seemed to exemplify those traits naturally…so we’ve been bonded from the sart.

She’s witty.  I like that.  She speaks up and speaks her mind….hmmmm….I’m certain it’s always for the greater good (wink. wink).  Her heart and mind seem years ahead of her and she’s always been able to be in a room full of adults and be completely at ease.  Haylee yearns to learn, to grow to be adventurous and to do things BIG!

Who knew she would grow up to conquer SUCH AMAZING THINGS!  She has always been determined.  She’s been class president, single-handedly put together fundraisers for less fortunate people, she’s crushed interviews to gain entry into elite camps, clubs and opportunities, she’s maintained grades parents dream of and now has been chosen by a government program out of a VERY small pool of American students to represent the USA.  This is JUST the beginning!


So this week…as she bravely gets on that plane, flies across the ocean and begins a year in a foreign country this is my prayer for her. 


I pray for your safety while you’re away.

I pray you will smile, laugh, learn and be open minded.

I pray the world out there is kind to you and teaches you knowledge that will guide your future.

I pray you have fun.

I pray for your courage and confidence as you encounter new and different things.

I pray you get closer to finding out who God wants you to be.

I pray the time flies by and we will be together again hearing all about the story of your year.

So my sweet Goddaughter…I hope you know how much I love you.  I hope you know how proud I am of you.  I hope you know that you can DO ANYTHING you want to do big or small…and my love and the pride for you would be just the same.

Have a thrilling and exhilarating year ahead Haylee… and as I promised before I will do my best to keep your mom sane back here in Minnesota.

Love you with all my heart xoxoxox




3 thoughts on “Sending Haylee Off”

  1. Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for writing such a great story about such an amazing human being. I love you Haylee Bella!

  2. I am so blessed to know and have worked with Haylee. She is an amazing young lady with a bright future. A true testament to her mothers love and upbringing. I wish her enough!!

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