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Deeeeeep sigh….FINALLY it’s summertime here in good ol’ Minnesota.  I have never made it a secret I was planted in the wrong state.  I’m a warm weather gal.  But!  I will give the northern state props for the best summer weather in the country!

SummIt's All Good in The Woodsertime to me means scents of tropical sunscreen, cut offs and flip flops, crackling campfires with friends and brighter moods to match the sunshine!

 Traditions include weekends at the lake where worries and shoes are left at the door, the 4th of July sparks and MY BIRTHDAY!  Although, as I creep closer to 40 I’m not sure how I feel about celebrating it so loudly!  Grrrrrr….

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Whatever your plans are this summer, remember…take a day or two (or a week if you have it) to have NO plans and just soak in the sunshine, bathe yourself in the season’s energy and embrace YOUR time with those that you should.

Sip your lemonade (and vodka if you please) slower, challenge yourself to dress up and head to a summer concert  and I DARE you to run through the sprinkler with your kids!  Why not!?!?

Girl's Night Out Looks Going to a Concert







Here are a few of my favorite summer looks from the boutique that embrace all things fun about the next few months! And below is a recipe of my FAVORITE summer cocktail to sip on…slowly!  Live it up ladies!  Cheers to you! HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!


STRIP AND GO NAKED SLUSHY DRINK RECIPE…it sounds bizarre…but it’s amazefest!

  • 1 can frozen lemonade
  • 1 can beer
  • 1 can vodka
  • 7up or Sprite

I use an ice cream pail or something similar to mix all the ingredients in above lemonde drink(EXCEPT 7up/Sprite).  Squeeze out the frozen lemonade, stir in the can of beer and then use your lemonade container to pour the vodka in and add that to the mix!  Freeze overnight.  When you’re ready to serve, scoop approximately 2-3 scoops of frozen slush into individual glasses, then fill up with your 7up or Sprite. The more 7up/Sprite you add the “calmer” it will be. It’s up to you!  Pop a straw in it, add a lemon wedge for garnish and enjoy!  Yum!  Yum!


Emily (Laney’s Mom)

Sippin on sunshine Lemonade Summer Drink

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