Letters to Santa

Has anyone told you that Christmas is right around the corner yet? Well, it is. You're welcome. As though there isn't enough pressure on this time of year already, we also have to make sure Santa is prepared as well. Uff-da! (That's a midwest term, for those of you wondering.) Well, whether you've been naughty or nice, we have a little gift just for you! We made this cute little FREE printable with kids in mind, but it could work for any age! Whether they can fill it out on their own or they … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Joy

We are definitely putting this on our list of movies that we recommend. Oh, we haven't recommended any movies yet? Well, then this is where the list starts. I'm talking about the movie Joy. Joy is rated PG-13 and came out in theaters Christmas Day 2015. It is currently available to rent or purchase. I found a copy at our local Redbox.  The movie stars Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence (let's face it right now, we all want to be her) Robert DeNiro (the man against whom all other actors are … [Read more...]

It’s Wedding Season, Ya’ll

It's that time of year again, when half of your summer calendar consists of weddings, bridal & baby showers, and bachelor & bachelorette parties. While it's great to have time to relax, let's focus on how wonderful it is to be included in some of those special events in a loved one's life! A&W Furniture and Laney Lu's Boutique both offer some great (reasonably priced--because we also know how expensive this glorious season can get...) gift ideas for those about to tie the knot. … [Read more...]


Everyone always has the best intentions when it comes to resolutions...we start off ambitious, energized and ready to kick off the new year with a bang.  I've had the same resolution approximately 3 years running...I have resolved (year after year) to tame my "potty" mouth.  What's that famous quote?  "She acts like a princess, but swears like a sailor?"  Yeah...I have a problem.  So....I suppose, I will resolve to stop swearing...(as much)...again this year. Here are a few hints to get you … [Read more...]

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