Em’s Market Predictions…

I LOVE going to market!  It's one of my favorite parts of my job.  Market, as we call it, is where retailers such as myself go and shop 1,000's of vendors and choose what our store's will carry for the season.  I'm fortunate enough to go to furniture market, home decor market and apparel market.  Tough gig, huh?  Shopping for days on end?! Here are my predictions for what I think will be the hot trends at market this year... Las Vegas Furniture Market:  I think we will see brown upholstery … [Read more...]

I Enjoy Seeing her Fail….(insert evil laugh here…)

You love Trump, you hate Trump...you voted for Hillary, you couldn't stand Hillary...whatever your take is on certain situations, why does our human nature go into "competition" mode more often than not.  Why do OUR opinions always have to be the RIGHT ones. Have you ever considered that our very own "Girl Power" is hindered by girls themselves.  What I mean by that is, you have to sit and wonder why it is that as women we SOMETIMES get slight satisfaction out of hearing ill fated news of … [Read more...]

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