My Top 10 Favorite Beaches

My TOP 10 Favorite Beaches...from the perspective of a beach snob. It's no secret I LOATHE Minnesota winters.  However, I'm here to stay (until I retire) so my compromise with my husband is that we go to a beach EVERY winter or I will become Jack Nicholson from the "Shining."  He prefers I don't go mentally insane, so he obliges.  I've been fortunate enough to travel to quite a few beaches and my definition of a perfect beach is FEW people crowding me, SUGAR soft sand and CRYSTAL blue waters.  … [Read more...]

So…I’m 40…now what?

This week I turned 40.  I'm fine with it's just another day, right?  I've reflected a bit on the decades of my life recently. In my 20's I was married in my 20's, that's a big one.  My husband and I were NOT into the kid thing.  We traveled EVERYWHERE all across the country, drank pretty Mai Tai's on the beaches of the Caribbean, went out with friends every weekend and slept in late!  We had a BLAST in our 20's. We also worked hard, saved money and juggled a few different jobs … [Read more...]

I Enjoy Seeing her Fail….(insert evil laugh here…)

You love Trump, you hate voted for Hillary, you couldn't stand Hillary...whatever your take is on certain situations, why does our human nature go into "competition" mode more often than not.  Why do OUR opinions always have to be the RIGHT ones. Have you ever considered that our very own "Girl Power" is hindered by girls themselves.  What I mean by that is, you have to sit and wonder why it is that as women we SOMETIMES get slight satisfaction out of hearing ill fated news of … [Read more...]

Quit being so serious! Ugh!

So I'm Type A, I'm a control freak and I'm a slight perfectionist.  Whatevs...I've been destined for those roles!  It's not completely all my fault!  I'm the oldest child and I grew up to be the boss (of my family business and my family...sorry Mike, let's face it, I am). During a business training session way back in 2007 or so I took the DISC personality test.  "D" stands for Dominant, "I" stands for Influencer, "S" stands for Steady and "C" stands for Compliant.  I was the only one in the … [Read more...]

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