Sending Haylee Off

I have a beautiful Goddaughter named, Haylee Bella Sovell and this week she will embark on the journey of a lifetime.  Haylee is spending her senior year abroad in a country named Macedonia.  Yes, I admit I didn't know if this was an actual place because it sounds like something made up in a movie.  I now know that it is small country in southeastern Europe near Greece. The Back Story Haylee is the daughter of our boutique manager, Megan.  She came into this world surrounded by an extended … [Read more...]

Quit being so serious! Ugh!

So I'm Type A, I'm a control freak and I'm a slight perfectionist.  Whatevs...I've been destined for those roles!  It's not completely all my fault!  I'm the oldest child and I grew up to be the boss (of my family business and my family...sorry Mike, let's face it, I am). During a business training session way back in 2007 or so I took the DISC personality test.  "D" stands for Dominant, "I" stands for Influencer, "S" stands for Steady and "C" stands for Compliant.  I was the only one in the … [Read more...]

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