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So…Christmas is done, packages have been opened and the decorations have been put away.  Are we a little exhausted…um, yes.  Are we slightly relieved all the chaos has come to and end, probably.  I have to admit, I get a little OCD about putting away everything and having a “clean” looking home again.  However, it always pains me to eventually throw away all of the beautiful holiday cards I received throughout the season.  Many families took the time to snap a dreaded family photo, write a hand written “hello” and tackle the post office this time of year.  I LOVE opening the mailbox to receive these little treasures!  So back to the topic at hand…I feel bad about throwing these…

MEGAN TO THE RESCUE!  Megan, our boutique manager mentioned a solution she once heard in regards to these cards and it just so happens to be brilliant!  Before throwing away cards, make a point to grab one at dinnertime with your family (yes, you need to eat dinner with your family) and pray for the family on the card that night.  Isn’t that a fantastic idea?  In the end, the card will be thrown but not before you acknowledged it and put good things in the universe for the people on the card for the new year.

What to do with holiday cards after the holidays.  Good ideas from Laney Lu's Boutique www.laneylus.com

I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to be a good example for my kids and this is such a perfect and personal thing I will now be doing annually after the holidays.  To those who sent me a card…thank you…it was appreciated.  Know that my family will be praying for yours in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2017 is glorious, healthy and happy for you all!


Emily (Laney Lu’s mom)

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