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$4.95 Shipping In The US

Want an instant tummy tuck or to look 10 pounds slimmer? Ok fall in….We have the secret in some of our favorite silhouette smoothing clothes. Honestly, these 3 products are game changers to your wardrobe. These are the pieces that will make all your other clothing look better; you will feel more confident, and comfortable. I can sell these 3 wardrobe MUST HAVES for EVERY woman regardless of your age, shape, or style all day, every day. Not that I am that great of a sales person– it’s because they WORK, are excellent quality, and I personally wear them. These are products you will not regret purchasing.

#1 Pull-on Jean! Hello people why are you still trying to button up your muffin top? It is all about the pull up jean to smooth lines, hold your muffin top in, prevent “spilling” over the sides, and to stop doing the butt shimmy all day pulling up your pants. I sell JUST as many of these to woman who are size 2 as I do 18 because they are so comfortable and create smooth lines. There are several brands on the market be we LOVE Jag and Lola brands.  Once you pull on you will never button again. Follow our link for our favorites—->https://laneylus.com/bottoms/



#2 Lysse (pronounced Lih-Say) Brand legging! Meet your new favorite leggings. Lyssé developed their own fabrics and patent-pending designs that hold you close, accentuating curves while minimizing distractions. There is a built in girdle for ultimate tummy control to smooth lines and give you an instant tummy tuck and pure comfort. I have a lot of clients who say the support feels good on their backs even. The fabric is thick enough so they are not see through and they hold everything into place. The results are stunning. These puppies are built to last and you will have tons of wear out of these.  We carry the essential basics and colors.  Follow our link for our favorites—->https://laneylus.com/bottoms/


#3 M.Rena V-neck/Scoop shirt dress. Let these shirts be your base layer for a fantastic outfit. It stretches and contours to your silhouette, comfortably smoothing lines.  The versatile length of the these tops allow you to wear this as a mini skirt, long layer under another top, a seamless slip under a dress, or scrunch shorter for certain tops OR to create ruching around the waist to camouflage stomach imperfections. This dress/shirt is even reversible! One side is a V-neck; the other is a scoop to work with any layering piece. The material is super comfortable and durable. These shirts will not shrink and pill like your other camis. I also wore one of these almost EVERY day when I was pregnant as they added length to cover my growing belly and allowed me to extend wear to my non-maternity tops until the end! I also found the v neck and flexible fabrics to make an excellent breast feeding top.  Follow our link to shop these tops—>https://laneylus.com/tops/



A good foundation to any stucture is important to build on. Even your BODY! Investing in a few good pieces will make all the difference ladies. Let’s face it as we age things are not exactly in the same place as they were when we were 16…but we can sure make it look like they are:)

Shop Laney Lu’s for fabulous fashions and inspirations! www.laneylus.com


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