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Hello December and all of the chaos that goes along with it! Like most women I run around with my head cut off every week keeping up with a busy household and a job and then….the holidays hit! There are school concerts, gift exchanges, office Christmas parties, traveling, secret santas, hiding the elf on the shelf…you get the point right!? Not only do have the task of  chaos coordinator, thanks to Pinterest, our family must look like an Old Navy ad while doing it. Our attire matching a little to look pleasing in a picture, but not too much to look like we tried! Seems like typically by the time the house is in tact and I wrestle the plaid vest on my wild toddler, I am the last to get myself together! So this year let’s come up with a plan ladies for some simple holiday outfits for our events that will not leave you exhausted and looking great.

RED OR WINE COLORED SWEATER: A sweater in a holiday hue is an awesome “go to” in your closet. This year the tied sleeves are all the buzz and can keep you looking stylish even when you’re comfy. If bright red leaves you feeling washed out  than go to wine colored attire. Pair your sweater with jeans and boots  for more of a causal family holiday gathering. In a snap, you can dress a red sweater up with sassy leggings and tall boots! Houndstooth is a great classic pattern to pair with leggings.  Of course a bling necklace instantly says, “Hello I’m fancy!”


{Bow Tie Red Sweater } https://laneylus.com/product/ribbons-and-bows-knit-tunic-10191/

{Houndstooth leggings} https://laneylus.com/product/houndstooth-leggings/

{Wine Sweater} https://laneylus.com/product/10183/

SWEATER DRESS: A basic sweater dress is a must have over the holidays! They are easy to toss on and instantly look dressy. I love to not have to worry about matching my pants or just letting my holiday “mom pouch” out:) Spray a little Quick Tan on your legs and zip on some tall boots with boot socks for an instant winner. For a more casual look, colder days, or if you have to chase toddlers add leggings or sassy tights to this look as well.

{Cold Shoulder Basic Black} https://laneylus.com/product/la-la-luscious-little-black-dress/

{Mustard Cowl} https://laneylus.com/product/mustard-sweater-dress/

{Elbow Patch} https://laneylus.com/product/elbow-way-cowl-neck-knit-dress/

STATEMENT LEGGINGS: Praise God for leggings! Love the comfort and warmth this time of year. My “go to” stylish yet easy combo is statement leggings, basic black long sleeve, puffer vest, and a pom, pom stocking cap! I feel a bit like elf on the shelf, but always get compliments on how festive I am! What better time to try out some statement leggings than over the holidays?! This combo is perfect for the laid back holiday event where you sip wine, play cards, and cuddle the kiddos!

{Gangsta Wrapper } https://laneylus.com/product/gansta-wrapper-holiday-slouchy-sweatshirt/

{Statement leggings}https://laneylus.com/bottoms/

MOMMY AND ME MATCHY:  Already put together mommy and me matchy are a no brainer ladies! This trend is huge and will leave you looking like you really have your life together. Most importantly your mini me will think its so cool to be like mommy. Think of the amazing pictures you will get in fun coordinating combos. The best is someone did all the hard work for you of matching! Hello, work harder not smarter girls! Hey and coming from a mama of a 16 year old daughter do it now, soon they will want to be anything but like you!

{Mommy and Me Matchy} www.laneylus.com

HOLIDAY ACCESSORIES: When all else fails accessories a basic! Poofer hats, blanket scarves, bling jewels, and thigh high boots are accessories must this season!

{Accessories} https://laneylus.com/accessories/


Hope your holidays are Merry and Bright and you look full of Delight friends! Visit us in person at Laney Lu’s Boutique or shop our site www.laneylus.com for statement piece clothing and inspiration! www.laneylus.com

Holiday Blessings!

Megan (Laney Lu’s Manager/ chaos coordinator)




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