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Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Steph and I’m lucky enough to work alongside Emily and Megan at Laney Lu’s Boutique. Yes, I get to help pick things out to buy…yes, it’s hard to not want EVERYTHING that comes in, especially since I helped pick it out. It’s a pretty awesome gig and I get to work with pretty awesome people. #winning

steph, megan and emily on an airplane

Anyway, I’m kind of known around here for being the resident “baker.” If there’s a homemade baked treat in the break room, people usually assume I brought it…because I probably did. I’m not really all that talented, I just find a few amazing recipes and stick to them. I also really enjoy baking–so my treats are made with love. Nobody wants banana bread that’s full of scorn and resentment.

A little tip: If you bring food to share with your coworkers, it will make them happy. We could all use a morale boost sometimes, amiright?

On a side note, after I interviewed for this job, I emailed Megan and told her that I make great banana bread and if she hires me, I promise to bring some to work sometimes. While I don’t recommend this tactic for getting a job, she maintains that this is why she hired me.

PS. My favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe resides on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip bag. There, I said it.

Well, I felt like friggin’ Kirby Puckett the other day when I brought my Zucchini Cake to work. I mean, people ate it instead of lunch. Home run.

So, since:

(1. People who have a zucchini plant at the moment probably have way more than they know what to do with; and

(2. I didn’t come up with this amazing recipe, so keeping it a secret is probably not the kindest route–I figured I better give it up.

With that being said, I cannot take credit for this recipe. While you are seeing my “altered” version of it, I could never have come up with this killer version on my own. If you’re wanting to see the original recipe, as well as the rightful owner of the cake photos, ratings & comments, please visit Simply Recipes. This blog is an awesome resource for all things foodie. (I did receive written permission to use both the recipe and the photos before posting.)

This cake is delicious and moist and the frosting isn’t too rich or overpowering. Best of all, it’s pretty quick and easy to throw together.  Enough rambling from me. Here’s the recipe:

For a printable PDF, click HERE: Zucchini Cake from Heaven

I completely take after my mom and write notes all over my recipe books and recipes that I print off. This recipe has “AWESOME” scrawled across the top with too many exclamation points after it. It’s good, y’all. I have included all of my own little notes in the recipe to make sure you only get the best results. CAUTION: This recipe could get you more friends than you’re really in the market for at this time.

I’m obviously not used to posting recipes so I don’t know how to do the proper format, but hopefully you can open the PDF version and print it from there!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Peace and health to you as summer comes to an end!

xoxox, Steph



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